Monday, March 12, 2007


At Canterbury, the great central tower was finished externally towards the end of 1497, but some work still remained to be done inside, and it was not until six or seven years later than Wastell constructed the fan-vault here, his smallest but also his loveliest. Bell Hary, is a great central tower or it better say as the finest in the land, with a lantern type which means that usual lighting is enchanting. Admittedly the fans are again truncated, but here this does not matter because the four central ones melt into the four corner ones in a design of exquisite intricacy, rendered all the more telling some years ago by the application of colour to the stonework, probably in accord with the original practice. To gaze up at this vault at Canterbury is like peering into some finely wrought Gothic casket. (Clifton-Taylor, The Cathedral of England, 1967)

I used a 6x6 Hasselblad 501C and 250mm zeiss plannar lens with yellow filter. The film was TMax 400 rated in 320, developed in Rodinal, and the print was made on Ilford Multigrade IV FB Glossy paper developed in Dektol and ansco 120.

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