Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The Corona is the east end of Canterbury Cathedral named after the severed crown of Thomas Becket (St. Thomas the Martyr). Becket was murdered in the quire (choir) of the cathedral on 29 December 1170. Four years later a disastrous fire destroyed the eastern end of the church. After William of Sens had rebuilt the Quire, William the Englishman added the immense Corona as a shrine for the crown of St. Thomas (with a new shrine for the main relics in the form of the Trinity Chapel between the Corona and the Quire). Later, Redinald Cardinal Pole and William Temple were buried there.

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Photograph was made with Hasselblad 501C, 50mm Carl Zeiss Plannar lens and using yellow filter. The film is Kodak Tmax 100 rated at 64, developed with Rodinal in N-3 process using semistand agitation. Printed in Ilford paper developed in Ansco 120

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